Annual Return & Documents Annexed to it

Part 6 – Financial Statements, Annual Return and Audit

The term “annual return” is new in a Companies Act context. It is introduced by Section 342. The concept, however, will be recognised from Sections 125 and 127 of the 1963 Act.

The obligation to make an annual return is set out here (Section 343). It must be done not later than 28 days after the “annual return date” of the company. Section 343 allows the Court – District or High – to extend this period.

For the definition of “annual return date” see here (Section 345).

Annual returns can be made via e-mail (Section 344).

A company can alter its annual return date. This is dealt with here (Section 346). Practitioners will recognise the old Section 127(8) to (11) of the 1963 Act.

Certain documents must always be attached to the company’s annual return. These are listed here (Section 347) and practitioners will recognise the old Section 128 of the 1963 Act.

There are also documents which only in some cases must be annexed to the annual returns. Those can be found here (Section 348)