Appendix 3 – Schedule 3 Disclosures


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Schedule 3 Disclosures


Disclosure required by Schedule 3 Schedule 3

Part & Paragraph

Amounts failing due after more than one year shall be shown separately for each debtor amount where relevant II, note 3
Amount of any convertible loan shall be shown separately and the terms and conditions under which those loans are convertible into share capital shall be disclosed II, note 4
Details on ‘other creditors’ including tax and social insurance to be disclosed II, note 6
Deferred capital government grants shall be shown separately in a note II, note 7
Share capital must be analysed between shares that are presented as liabilities and share capital II, note 8
Interest payable and interest income to/from group undertakings must be disclosed separately II, notes 11-12
Details of amounts of depreciation and amortisation of all assets to be disclosed in a note where not presented on the face of the profit and loss account II, note 13
Particulars of any departure from any of the principles of accounting outlined in Schedule 3 including the reason for the departure and its effect III, 18
Details of impairment/diminution in value of financial fixed assets III, 22
Details on development costs included in a company’s balance sheet III, 23
Outline reasons for choosing amortisation period and the method used to value goodwill III, 24
Disclose amounts not written off in respect of loans where excess of money owed over value received is treated as an asset where the amount not written off is not shown as a separate item in the balance sheet III, 27
Details of any interest included in the production cost of fixed or current assets and the items affected. III, 29
Stock – particulars on differences in measurement between valuation methods and replacement cost III, 30
If the basis (other than market value) adopted to value financial fixed assets appears appropriate to the directors, disclose the method and reasons for its adoption III, 34
The amount of excess deprecation on an asset measured using the alternative accounting rules, if not included in the provision for depreciation, should be disclosed separately in a note to the financial statements III, 35(3)
Information in case of departure from historical cost accounting rules in respect of assets measured under the alternative accounting rules III, 36
Tax treatment of amounts taken to the revaluation reserve III, 37
Treatment for tax purposes of amounts credited or debited to the fair value reserve III, 44
Details on debentures IV, 47
Information to be disclosed for each item shown under ‘Fixed Assets’ – NBV, acquisitions, disposals etc IV, 48
Where any fixed assets are measured using the alternative accounting rules, the years in which the assets were severally valued and the several values must be disclosed. Also, if these assets were valued during the year, the names of the valuers, the particulars of their qualifications and the bases of valuation used must be disclosed IV, 49
Fixed asset investments – particulars on listed investments IV, 50
Information about financial instruments stated at fair value IV, 51
Information about derivative financial instruments not stated at fair value IV, 52
Information about financial assets that could be included at fair value IV, 53
Information on investment properties and living animals and plants included at fair value IV, 54
Profit or loss brought forward at the beginning and end of the year plus details of any transfers between reserves IV, 55
Details on dividends payable, proposed etc IV, 55
Details of reserves or provisions for liabilities balances and movements where material IV, 56
Details of indebtedness for each item shown under creditors (within one year and after more than one year) IV, 58
Amount of any arrears of fixed cumulative dividends and the period for which each class of dividend is in arrears. IV, 59
Particulars on any guarantees and other financial commitments entered into IV, 60
Particulars on retirement benefit commitments included in any provision shown in the balance sheet including any retirement benefit commitments not provided for plus retirement benefit commitments relating to past directors.

Information also to be provided on nature of all retirement benefit schemes.

IV, 60
Particulars of any charge on company assets IV, 60
Particulars where purchase price or production cost of any asset is unknown IV, 61
Interest on, or any similar charges in respect of bank loans and overdrafts and all other loans including intercompany loans IV, 63
Particulars of tax plus amount shown separately for any provisions for deferred tax IV, 57/64
Particulars of turnover IV, 65
Effects of any preceding financial year amounts included in any item in the profit and loss account in the current year IV, 66
Particulars of extraordinary income or charges IV, 66
Effect of any transactions that are exceptional by virtue of size or incidence notwithstanding that they may fall within the ordinary activities of the company IV, 66
Amounts expended on research and development and any committed expenditure in respect of subsequent years IV, 66
Particulars on related party transactions IV, 67
Basis on which sums denominated in foreign currencies have been brought into the balance sheet or profit and loss account have been translated IV, 68