Company Name, Registered Office, etc.

Part 2 – Incorporation & Registration

A company must display its name in a conspicuous position in easily readable letters outside every office or place where it carries on its business. This rule, and others relating to it, are set out in Section 49.

The company must have a registered office in the State. That obligation is set out in Section 50. The company may state that its office is “care of a specified agent”; it can do this if that agent is approved by the Registrar of Companies.

If a person wishes to serve a document on a company, that can be done by leaving it at – or sending it by post to – the company’s registered office (Section 51).

The Act incorporates a new provision – one that, in fact, used to be found in O. 42, r. 32 of the Rules of the Superior Courts – which says that if a judgment or order against the company is wilfully disobeyed, the court may, among other things, order sequestration against the property of the company’s directors (Section 53). This can only be done where the judgment or order which has been disobeyed specifically states that if it is disobeyed, sequestration of personal property may follow.