Disclosure of Particulars of Staff

(Section 317)

The disclosure requirements surrounding staff have not changed significantly from the previous requirements. However, there have been some changes which may have an impact in some instances.

Firstly, the breakdown of disclosure has expanded as follows:

Previous legislation CA 2014
Wages and salaries Wages and salaries
Social welfare costs Social insurance costs
Other pension costs Other retirement benefit costs
  Other compensation costs

‘Social welfare costs’ under previous legislation is effectively the same as ‘social insurance costs’ under the Companies Act 2014, in that they both include any contribution by a company to any state social welfare, social security or pension scheme. ‘Social insurance costs’ however also includes any contribution to a state social insurance scheme. ‘Other pension costs’ are the same as ‘other retirement benefit costs’. Disclosure of ‘other compensation costs’ are new and would include all other types of staff costs which must be specified by type and could include such items as share options, other types of termination benefits etc.

Two new requirements have been introduced by the Act with respect to staff costs and these are:

  • the amount capitalised into assets and the amounts treated as an expense or loss of the financial year must be shown; and
  • the average number of employees in the financial year must be calculated with reference to the number of months in the financial year whereas previously it was with reference to the number of weeks.

An example disclosure of staff costs is outlined below:

Illustrated disclosure of staff costs:

Staff costs, including directors’ remuneration, were as follows:

  31/12/15 31/12/14
Wages and salaries xxx xxx
Social insurance costs xxx xxx
Other retirement benefit costs xxx xxx
Other compensation costs:

–          Share based payments





 Total xxx xxx

Capitalised employee costs during the financial year amounted to €xxx (2014 – €xxx).


The average monthly number of employees, including the directors, during the financial year was as follows:


  31/12/15 31/12/14
Administration x x
Sales x x
Production x x
Finance x x
 Total x x