Disclosure of Remuneration for Audit, Audit-Related and Non-Audit work

(Section 322)

The requirements to disclose particulars of remuneration paid to the company’s (or group’s) auditors are essentially the same as they were under previous legislation except that the definition of ‘remuneration’ has been expanded.

As was previously the case, remuneration for all work in the following categories by the statutory auditors of the company must be disclosed:

  • the audit of entity financial statements;
  • other assurance services;
  • tax advisory services; and
  • other non-audit services.


A company that is classified as small or medium in accordance with Section 350 need not disclose this information. Additionally, a subsidiary company, provided it is included in the consolidated financial statements of the holding company and the information as required above is disclosed in the consolidated financial statements for the group, need also not disclose this information.

The expanded definition of ‘remuneration’ under the Act now includes any reimbursement of expenses.

An example disclosure of auditors’ remuneration is displayed below.

Illustrated disclosure of auditor’s remuneration:

Auditor’s remuneration for work carried out for the company for the financial year is as follows:

  31/12/15 31/12/14
Audit of company financial statements xxx xxx
Other assurance services xxx xxx
Tax advisory services xxx xxx
Other non-audit services xxx xxx
 Total xxx xxx