KnowledgeBase is an interactive platform designed to simplify the transfer of knowledge to busy professionals. KnowledgeBase will provide a comprehensive guide to a range of important legal, regulatory and business subjects. The first guide to be released by KnowledgeBase is the interactive, easy to use guide to the Companies Act 2014.

The Companies Act 2014 (“the Act”) is the largest piece of legislation in the history of the State and represents landmark reform of company law in Ireland. The Act consolidates the existing 17 pieces of legislation which date from 1963 up to 2013, and many statutory instruments, into one Act while also introducing significant changes designed to make it easier to operate a company in Ireland. The Act by its nature is a complex legal document with 1448 sections and over 1000 pages. It is a weighty piece of legislation that is time consuming to review. While seminars and books are useful, KnowledgeBase provides a comprehensive online guide to the Act and will change the way users reference information and undertake CPD in relation to the Act. And KnowlegdeBase can be accessed anytime online, in the office and on the go.

KnowledgeBase will provide the Legal and Accounting professions and Company Directors with an easy to use online application to navigate the Companies Act 2014. The entire content of the Act is presented in such a way that it is intuitive and easy to access. It is clearly explained what changes have been made to company law in Ireland and which elements remain the same. The ease of navigation for all visitors and the depth of this resource is further enhanced by a refined search facility. The commentary and online tutorials presented are focused on the key changes that are contained within the Act. Throughout the guide all references are hyperlinked directly to the relevant section of the Act itself.

In conjunction with this easy to use interactive resource for the Companies Act 2014, KnowledgeBase offers a comprehensive eLearning platform. This is made up of focused video clips, succinct text and end of module quick quizzes from our team of experts. Through this eLearning platform (for which CPD points should be awarded) the user can easily review their progress to date and see which modules have been completed and how many remain. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the eLearning program.

KnowledgeBase has developed this online platform working with leading web developers, and the content for this guide to the Act has been created and reviewed by leading company law experts. This has resulted in the development of a powerful platform that functions both as a convenient guide to information, in this case to the Companies Act 2014, and also an easy to use and convenient method of professional development for successful professionals.