Other Parts and Summary


Part 5 of the Act dissolves the Labour Relations Commission and transfers all its functions to the Workplace Relations Commission. Any legisation referring to the Labour Relations Commission will now be read as the Workplace Relations Commission.

Part 6 of the Act dissolves the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) and transfers all its functions at first instance to the Workplace Relations Commission and appellate functions to the Labour Court.

Part 7 of the Act deals with various miscellaneous provisions including amendments of various Acts to insert references to the Workplace Relations Act 2015 and provisions on disclosure of confidential documents and forgery.

Section 72 provides for an offence under the Act if a person forges any document purporting to be issued, granted or given under this Act. It also provides that any alteration of a document with intent to defraud or deceive shall be an offence. Section 72(3) goes further again and provides that any person who has in their possession (without lawful authority) a forged document or an altered document shall be guilty of an offence.

Section 73 provides for a prohibition on authorised disclosure of confidential information. This applies to staff and people engaged under a contract for services for the Workplace Relations Commission.


In Summary

The dispute resolution system in employment cases had become overwhelmingly complex for all involved. The adjudication section of the Act is the most significant, and brings in the most far ranging changes to the current system.


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