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No.1 Incorporation and Registration

The Companies Act 2014 simply states that “a company may be formed for any lawful purpose by any person or persons subscribing to a constitution” as long as the requirements of the Act are fulfilled.

What are those requirements?

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No. 2 Conversion of Existing Companies to Companies Limited by Shares (LTD / CLS)


Company directors across the country will be wondering whether to take steps to become a CLS; whether their company will automatically become one; whether they should re-register as a Designated Activity Company (“DAC”) or whether a member or creditor can oblige them to re-register as a DAC.

The answers to those questions are set out succinctly in the following 11 points:

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No. 3 Financial Statements, Annual Return and Audit

The Part of the Act which deals with Financial Statements, etc, has tried to clean the legislation up a little – to define terms which will make the legislation easier to read and more succinct.

For example, the term “financial statements” is now used instead of “accounts.” “Adequate accounting records” is used instead of “proper books of account”; “statutory auditor” is used instead of “auditor”.

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